Taib Mahmud takut sama Francis Siah?

Ewah.. ewahh... yeehaaaa.... Brabo Siah.... oohaaa

When Francis Siah said..

Let me repeat my message to Taib: “If you remain stubborn and refuse to listen, MoCS will resort to other courses of action”. We have options.

***Meaning, MoCS will summon hundreds thousands of supporters to build a massive demonstration against Taib. They will stay even for days, or weeks, or (years?) until he step down..

And we would like to see that moment to come.. Maybe Siah thought people are willing do anything blindly… eg: makan, tidor, berak, demo..  next day, makan, tidor, berak, demo… for days, or weeks, or even years?

I doubt how many people bole tahan to stay? should it be few hours, or few minutes, or worst – simply walk by, take some photo snaps and leave?

You call zombielah. Hahaha….

We Support Francis Siah...

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2 Responses to Taib Mahmud takut sama Francis Siah?

  1. Dear Mr. Francis,
    I don’t agree and I am not afraid of Taib Mahmud because he is a human being like you and me. Street demonstration is not good for the eyes of the whole world. Only few peoples at other constituency don’t like him to stay. If you see during recently Sarawak state election he is getting more votes than before, because the area he was looking after was a lot of development coming in. It is better for us to blame our constituency YB that cannot speak and do not wake up from sleeping. If Taib Mahmud was our YB at our constituency I will volunteer myself to join campaign bring the rayat to vote him forever. Let him stay until he died to govern Sarawak. Not even one the current YB in Sarawak can take over his position. Stop anti Taib let talk about development now. I fully support Taib to stay back as a KM of sarawak.

    • medansarawak says:

      Francis Siah should think the consequences of his action, if this really going to happen than for sure he will face trouble. The most he can get (nothing more than DAP’s SE campaign) probably few hundreds.. Good enough for a reason to put him behind bars.. In the end, the spirit of change back to normal.. people get back to work like normal, the crowd dismissed – everybody do their routine business…. while he remain silence in the lockup.. hahaha.. that’s the price for being a hero for once.. Tajau, thanks for comment.

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