Who win?

The controversy over Malaysian Chinese voters that have instilled bad sentiments on the BN government may appear silly to some. It is not. Indeed, the issue is deeply serious. We hear talks that predict SUPP will be wiped out in this coming Sarawak state election. Your guess is as good as mine!

It highlights a fundamental fact the Chinese community are clannish. It’s becoming clear that many Chinese, mainly those who supported DAP are willing and ready to submit totally to the belief of Chinese supremacy. You don’t see Chinese patronizing Bumiputera shops or restaurant do you? well one or two with a couple of Malay friends. Why? But you see unwary Malays frequenting Chinese eatery with notices like HALAL MUSLIM FOOD or SERVE NO PORK and sundry shops. Well who are unintelligent?

Look at DAP in Penang, Guan Eng announced recently that there is no more low cost housing scheme, instead they will be doing flats like Singapore’s HDB, the Malays dominated area will be redeveloped into mixed development and more Chinese will be relocated in this area in order to break the Malay dominance on the Island into smaller groups. Well who are unintelligent?

In the occupied territory of Gaza, Jewish resettlement are carried out sporadically. In Penang the pattern of break and divided strategy is applied the same to secure DAP holding onto the government. I personally think that Parti Gerakan can never able to wrist back the Island what more MCA. Penang is a gone case.

They don’t need Federal government funding anymore, because they got the Singapore government support already. Singapore government is expected to pour in billions of Singapore Dollar to do land reclamation in Bayan Lepas. Soon the state constitution will be amended to have the post of elected Mayor instead of the present Governor position. Nanyang University of Singapore is setting up branch campus on the Island. Capital Land a Singapore GLC is going big time in Penang. Well who are unintelligent?

A PKR is finding DAP as their allied. You support PKR you support DAP. Well who are unintelligent? Before over-pleasing the Chinese folks. The Sarawak state government should pour in all their Ringgit to developing the Bumiputera communities that have given them the vote all this while. The Majority of the Chinese is not hard up for government assistance. Just let all the 15 Chinese dominated constituencies go to opposition and let them have no representative in the government. Let them shout in the Assembly Hall till they drop, because this is their choice!

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