Into the Sarawak political fields..

In all honesty, I think the opposition parties in Sarawak are really working their arse out to make inroads into Sarawak political scenario. I most of the time wonder whether ruling party politicians would change their ways. Now the elections are by the corner and nothing in the political firmament indicates any readiness by the ruling politicians to change from the flawed style of the past.

For a state that has imminent state general election, there are no indications of leaders tackling issues heads on. There are no defensive campaigns, no credible reply to issues highlighted in Sarawak report for example and these politicians are not seeing anything wrong with it. It is sadly business as usual.

Sarawak political scene is filled with some of the most selfish individuals whose only lust for power for their own sake is the major propelling force. Come to think of it, the glamorous five year term of political office holders is really a shame because a whole year is normally devoted to enriching oneself for extra five year term.

This couple of months will see these political clowns showing their faces at mosques, temples or churches for renewal of an existing mandate. Conversely, politically naive opposition parties would rather engage in childish acts of mudslinging than bring in superior political strategies.

Again the clamour by some opposition pundits after they went all over the state condemning the ruling party is quite telling. We saw some of the so-called party chieftains who formed opposition parties went round the state saying all sorts about the government are themselves hypocrites of the highest order.

It makes me wonder during previous state election why PKR or DAP let “certain BN candidates” won uncontested. Why neither PKR, PAS nor DAP raise the controversial reversal by Bank Negara for Maybank acquisition of BII of Indonesia? Is there a conspiracy? Now like dogs they go back to the people to swallow their vomit in clear display of greedy politics rather than their supporters’ interest first.

What one can conclude by some of these election year returnees is the fact of poor individual electoral value. It is symbolic that these so called politicians are reportedly seeking personal glory. With desperados like these, voters beware. We ought to realize that the hypocrisy of these political hoodwinks in their desperation for power is the major reason we have flawed elections.

As the state election draws nearer, we are not hearing any talk from either side about how the fortunes of Sarawak can be improved rather there is a plethora of political jetsetter urging their Presidents to seek fresh mandates. None of these jokers are concerned about the security issues, the infrastructural decay, the lack of delivery on election promises etc. Their main concern is only their relevance in the political system.

Lately in Sarawak politics, we noticed candidates from either PBB or SUPP are often chosen from government pensioners (old folks) who have had prominence in the past and had nothing to be remembered for. They are mere apple polishers whose continued ambition of relevance in governments has kept Sarawak low on the developmental graph.

The so-called opposition is not any better either. Some of them are so ill-informed they seek ‘revenge’ through very disgusting means. They employ character assignation strategy and all sorts of mean posturing in other to grab power.

There must be clear guidelines about the people who can stand for elections. Character is still an issue in governance as from the beginning of times. Those without character cannot give what they do not have and it shows in the way they pursue political offices. As the saying goes, a good product markets itself. More often than not, good people know where to draw the line in their pursuit of life’s many challenges.

One basic problem with our choice of candidate is that we have for long allowed the wrong people access to positions which they pursue with the mindset of going to the laundry. When they have nothing to give them relevance, they try their hand into politics and seek relevance by all means. That is why a politician takes to a life of sycophancy as a means of livelihood.

It would pay us as voters better to see beyond the integrity of candidates and refocus on our ballots. There is too much hypocrisy in the system to assure of meaningful election. We might just be playing the Ostrich by feigning ignorance of the role most politicians play in ensuring better future for our children.

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