Suruh Najib Kawin Baru, merely a friendly joke

suruh najib kawin baru

Adenan Satem’s joke has become a hot issue among the oppositions when he said ‘cari bini baru orang iban’to the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib during his visit to a kampung in Sarawak recently. It then became an instant viral with nomurous personal attacks against the both of them by their haters.

Some feel humiliated because it describes the local community, especially Dayak Sarawak only worth as a second wife to others who have been maried. The problem is, why feel insulted if it is simply a friendly joke, which of course is impossible?

After all, isn’t it supposed to be an honor to be chosen as an influential person behind the top leader of the country? Why must Iban? Why not Malay, Chinese or even Arabian like the one with pehin sri? Is Najib himself felt insulted by such joke? Surely not ..

It’s just a friendly tease to the prime minister means that if you want to speak Iban, then look for local people as a life partner. Similarly, if you want to master the language of the local population elsewhere, logically is through a marriage. But it was just Adenan’s joke that did not intend to offend anyone. We all knew him, he always entertaining the crowds through his speech (not in formal ceremony).

It is funny why did the majority of the netizens, especially those of DAP leaders tend to use the issue for their political interest? Who were actually being offended?

Are the Malays felt insulted being called ‘huana’ by the Chinese people which originally meant barbarians, used to refer to anyone who’s not Chinese? Would anyone corrects this Wikipedia ?  And the calling La-Kia for Ibans,  a derogatory term which for some people, it conveys negative connotations like being uncivilized, uncouth and low class”?

No, Sarawakian Bumiputera has never feel offended by such term because it has become a norm of life in this state…  Or should we have a second thought about it for politics?  Our country’s political culture has changed to the extent that we were embarrassed to put into practice in the past. Most people today, doesn’t even bother spewing obscenities against their opposite leaders.

Such culture has spread with hatred, poisoning the minds of local communities to become more rude and racist over a trivial matter that was unintentionally done by Tan Sri Adenan above.

Indeed, we live in a society with peace and prosperity without any provocation, until politics become main subject, simply for a change that is not necessarily promising something better than anything that we have right now.

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World dumbest property transaction

First ever property transaction where both the buyer and the seller claims they do not know the market value.

World History made.

Congratulation to Malaysian opposition leader DAP


Question : How much is the market value for the bungalow during the transaction?

Buyer : I don’t know

Seller : I don’t now either

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